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Everyone knows that swag items and promotional products connect the dots between business and their audience - 85% of people remember the name of a company that gave them a promotional product. Chances are if you look around your office, you will see a promo item too! The impression lasts long after the event when you first came across your special swag. That’s the power of promotional giveaways. Promo creates a sense of brand loyalty. Customers who receive swag items feel appreciated and valued by the business, leading to a deeper connection with your brand. Marketing.com is the company to make your promotion kit giveaways standout and spread the word about your company.

Connect With Your Customers

One of the biggest advantages of using swag items is that they are tangible. Promo products are physical items that customers can touch, feel, and use. This helps to create a deeper connection between the audience and the brand. Marketing.com uses this to our advantage. We tailor marketing solutions that connect print, digital marketing, signage, and promotional items to layer a multi-touch approach to reach your target audience on every level.

The personalization options with a promo item are UNREAL—add a QR code to a mail piece or promo item to engage your audience with a new experience with your company.

Marketing.com can connect the dots to create and distribute your promotional items through our platform of production and distribution centers to get your swag where you want it when you need it. Our SaaS marketing platform, DotTM, provides data and analytics to manage your inventory so you always have the promotional and marketing products on hand. We monitor your demand cycles so you never run out of materials, especially during busy seasons.

We got you covered when selecting the ideal promo product for your business. The options are endless: we offer a variety of Made-in-the-USA items ranging from vegan leather goods and high-end candles hand poured in Clarksville, MO to customized products such as apparel, pens, tumblers, or tech equipment.

Are you ready to add a promo product to your marketing efforts? Let’s connect today!

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