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Are you searching for another way to connect the dots with your audience? Incorporate a corporate gifting program! Corporate gifting programs enhances relationships and, when applied with a strategic marketing approach, can increase your company’s visibility and reputation with your audience. By providing high-quality gifts, you can reinforce the quality of your products or services. Offering gifts can encourage your audience to continue using your company or services. It can also encourage them to refer others to the company, which can lead to new business opportunities.

Corporate gifting programs can help build stronger partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and other partners. By showing appreciation for their contributions, you can encourage continued collaboration and partnership.

So much to consider… but where to start? We got you covered! Marketing.com’s gifting experts tailor solutions to meet your gifting needs through thoughtful, personalized, and relevant gifts that connect the dots of your brand to your audience. We offer a variety of Made-in-the-USA options ranging from vegan leather goods and high-end candles hand poured in Clarksville, MO to customized products such as apparel, pens, tumblers, or tech equipment.

A personalized message accompanying your gift makes it just a little more special. Our variable data printing platform add unique personalized messaging to make a deeper connection.

Need swag to celebrate employee wins?

Our employee swag boxes are the perfect way to say thank you.

Once you have selected your gifts and set a budget, it's time to plan the logistics of your program. Enter in Marketing.com again! We connect the dots of your gifting needs to the logistics of ordering and distribution. Our innovative software and efficient packing services assemble and send your gift on its way with accurate packing and streamlined delivery services. Through our SaaS marketing platform, DotTM, we tailor "pop-up stores" that allow your determined gift recipients to select their gift online, providing you with full visibility and data on the interaction. The site is available for a pre-determined timeframe to ensure that gifts are ordered when you would like to distribute. DotTM can set "pop-up stores" events, expos, and holidays! We are redefining how you communicate with you audience. Let’s connect the dots together!

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