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We know that all marketing projects have different dots—different production requirements, different goals, and different audiences. Marketing.com applies leading technology and digital equipment through our digital print capabilities to connect our clients with marketing solutions that drive response to meet their need. Connecting the dots of your project and goals has never been easier through Marketing.com’s variable data imaging and print on demand offerings.

Solutions That Are DotTM On


It’s easy to get your digital print project up and running quickly. You can print as many or as few as needed with practically no set up time required. Avoid print obsolescence and the cost of printing items that have a shelf-life.

Print On Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a secret weapon to the marketer. By printing shells of products through commercial printing, we can store and fulfill them when needed and utilize print on demand to add the variable elements, thus eliminating the cost of personalization while maintaining the high quality!

Variable Data Printing

Personalize what you print with variable data print. Variable data printing allows you to increase brand awareness through data-driven marketing that’s great for reaching local audiences. Whether adding a recipient’s name or pulling in a geomarker, the variable options are endless.

WebAR Content Integration

Marketing.com can also give your direct mail campaigns and print materials a dramatic boost by integrating WebAR marketing content and QR codes. Connect with audiences using digital content—such as animation, video, and 3D models—to provide enriched and interactive experiences and enhance brand retention with every printed piece.

High Quality

We use leading digital printing technology to give your printed material sharp, vibrant images that rival any commercially printed piece. You’ll look good with every printing.


You can trust that every print looks good, without any deviation of quality. Our digital print services and commitment to quality control make sure your item will look the same, whether you print it tomorrow or next month.

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