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Marketing.com is redefining how marketing is done through processes that make the life of a marketer easier. Through our business automation workflows, we offer a fluid process from pick and pack and print on demand to kitting and direct mail. Ongoing and recurring personalized programs have never been easier! Our business automation workflows reduce production costs and touches throughout the process:

  • Accelerated schedules, accuracy, increases visibility
  • Postal discounts and tracking
  • Ongoing, recurring programs
  • Always for personalization of messaging and graphics
  • Every program is custom

Increased Efficiencies

We’ll find and eliminate the friction points along your fulfillment process so that your customers get their orders quicker and looking exactly like the one they the saw when they ordered. Automating the pick and pack process reduces the time spent preparing your products for shipment. We find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

Scalable to Grow

Doesn’t matter if your business puts the ‘small’ in small business or has multiple storefronts reaching customers across North America; you still have plans to grow. Marketing.com has the solutions and an international network of fulfillment centers to help you do it. Our business automation platform lets you easily adapt to growing inventories and increased orders and allows you to connect all your ecommerce selling platforms in one place.

Cost and Time Savings

The solution to meeting your growing fulfillment demands isn’t hiring more staff to do the work. With Marketing.com’s business automation platform, routine tasks like customer notifications, identifying channel trends, and inventory supply management are handed smoothly. Your staff will be more productive with time to devote to making your business more money.

Let Us Help You Connect the Dots

At Marketing.com, were not changing marketing just how it’s done; we’re redefining marketing solutions. Want to learn more about our business automation workflows? Connect with a Marketing.com marketing expert today!

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