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Reach Listeners as They Stream Music and Podcasts

With increased opportunities through popular streaming platforms, audio and video content are an effective way to reach large audiences by delivering brief but powerful messages about your business. Delivered on several platforms, from YouTube to Disney+, Netflix, and social media, Marketing.com’s streaming media team creates customized content that appeals more to your audience than static ads. With streaming content that is designed to better connect with your target audience, our streaming audio and video ad team can increase your brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and create excitement about your products and services ensuring your business stands out from your competitors.

Marketing.com Ensures Video Content Performs Well on All Devices

Marketing.com ensures your streaming video content evokes emotion and appeals to your target market authentically and organically. Our team of video production ad techs makes sure your streaming content performs optimally for users watching your videos on their phones, streaming videos on their TV or computers, or accessing YouTube tutorials on tablets and laptops.

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Streaming Video Reaches More
for Better Results

Let our video marketing efforts enhance your website ranking on search engine results pages. By creating and producing attention-grabbing informational landing page video (that runs on various social and connected TV platforms), website engagement is increased and, in turn, your SEO ranking. Marketing.com brings your video marketing to whatever platforms your target audience uses, reaching them with maximized views and minimal waste.

Go Where No Audio Has Gone Before

Streaming audio has grown exponentially, with two-thirds of the US population spending more time listening to podcasts, and tuning into music sharing platforms, such as Spotify, SiriusXM, and Pandora. Marketing.com’s digital advertising team is skilled and experienced in producing streaming audio ads that target your audience where they listen. We ensure your ads run on podcasts your audience would be interested in, where a limited number of ads played back-to-back increases engagement. Our team leverages the non-skippable format of streaming platforms to make sure your ads reach your audience.

Unlike traditional radio, where consumers listen in the car or at home, Marketing.com’s streaming audio ad team can get your audio ads where no audio has gone before. Reach customers as they walk their dogs, go for a run, ride their bikes, or take a drive. With the targeting and measurability that digital adds to audio ad campaigns, Marketing.com can zoom in on precise audiences, using a variety of demographics such as age, gender, location, musical tastes, listening habits, and activities. Our pros can then fine-tune your customers’ experience to offer a more personalized approach based on real-time info regarding audience behavior.

Streaming audio and video marketing are booming, as more people listen to streaming media and watch videos wherever they go. Let Marketing.com make streaming audio and video a critical part of your marketing mix that fits your budget and surpasses your expectations.