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Video Driven

It is more important than ever to utilize video in your marketing strategy. Video has taken over the world as we know it. It is not surprising that more and more platforms are developing ways to incorporate as many different types of videos as possible. Marketing.com harnesses the power of video as a creative marketing tool designed for increasing conversions in your social media, over-the-top (OTT) advertising, marketplaces, websites, and other sales outlets.

Our expert digital video production team works with you from ideation to completion, bringing your brand’s messages to life. More than just a tool to entertain customers, adding videos to your landing pages may increase conversion rates by over 80%. With our experienced video team, Marketing.com produces a library of videos that will help your customers and make the decisions to purchase your products easier. Our video production quality and content can revolutionize the way your sales staff connects with and converts customers.

Video Production for All Areas

At Marketing.com, we take the time to learn about your brand and how video production:

  • Enhances your message and makes it more relatable to customers with engaging content and storytelling
  • Increases your business’s reputation with authentic customer testimonials
  • Adds credibility via professional influencer content
  • Increases sales by showcasing your products
  • Breaks down complicated processes that are inherent to your products or services

High Quality Live Video Production and Graphic Renderings

Marketing.com features top-of-the-line production technology for live videos with turnaround times that keep your brand relevant and on budget. Your social media posts will stand out with videos that inform and delight your audience with superior graphic renderings that include crisp audio and music that creates audio brand recognition.

Power of Digital Experiences

Marketing.com delivers innovative advanced visual and interactive content that allows your audience to engage more with your brand. From 3D visuals and animated videos to augmented reality features and infographic technology, our creative content improves customer engagement, generating leads that convert to sales.

Video Production via CGI Computer Generated Imagery is the creation of a still or animated visual content using imaging software. Less expensive than onsite photo shoots, which rely on creating sets, hiring talent, etc., Marketing.com's expertise with CGI provides a valuable alternative to drive marketing budgets to maximum ROI. Additionally, if you have the CAD files for a product or architecture, we can create realistic images before physical existence of a product!

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